8 steps to the best outdoor rabbit run with Molesey Vets

March 7, 2024

Creating a fantastic outdoor space for your bunny buddy is not just a treat for them but also a joy for you! An outdoor rabbit run provides your furry friend with the chance to explore, exercise, and nibble on some fresh greens. In this guide, our East Molesey team at Molesey Vets will walk you through building a fun and safe outdoor rabbit run that will have your bunny doing bunny binkies in no time!

We’d love to see your creations so please do share them on our Facebook page!

What you’ll need

You can buy bunny-proof, ready-made runs that you can move around the garden. However, if you’d like to make a bespoke bunny run, our team recommend sourcing the materials below, and ensure that any children who are helping are supervised:

  • Sturdy wire mesh or fencing material to create the walls of the rabbit run, with gaps that are small enough to prevent escape attempts!
  • Wooden posts will provide support for your wire mesh – the number of posts depends on the size of your rabbit run. You may need Postcrete, a bucket, and a stirring tool.
  • Wire cutters to cut the wire mesh or fencing to the desired size; safety first – wear gloves!
  • Cable ties or strong wire to secure the wire mesh to the wooden posts for a sturdy & safe enclosure.
  • Comfortable outdoor-safe flooring such as grass, turf, or a soft mat – avoid gravel or sharp surfaces. You may wish to consider basic slabs for part of the base to help naturally wear their claws down and to raise the run off the floor slightly to help your bunny stay dry.
  • A shelter or hutch so your rabbit can seek shade or shelter from the elements.
  • Tunnels & hideouts made from materials like PVC pipes or wooden structures.
  • Toys and enrichment activities such as hanging toys or treat-filled puzzle toys.

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Follow Molesey Vets’ step-by-step guide

  1. Choose a Suitable Location: Pick a secure area in your Surrey garden with ample shade. Ensure it is protected from predators and has good airflow.
  2. Measure and Plan: Determine the size of your rabbit run based on the available space and the needs of your rabbit. If you are considering using basic slabs as the base layer, you’ll want to plan the size around this and lay them first – you might find some on freecycle and online marketplaces! Plan the layout and consider where to place a shelter, toys, and hideouts – this part can be really fun, say our team at Molesey Vets!
  3. Set Up the Wooden Posts: Space the wooden posts around the perimeter of the planned run. Dig holes and secure the posts firmly in the ground. You may want to Postcrete them in.
  4. Attach the Wire Mesh: Cut the wire mesh to the appropriate size and attach it to the wooden posts using cable ties or strong wire – remember to wear gloves when using wire cutters! Ensure it is securely fastened to prevent any escape attempts.
  5. Create a Comfortable Flooring: Lay down a comfortable flooring, such as grass or a soft mat. This provides a comfortable surface for your rabbit to hop around on.
  6. Add the Shelter or Hutch: Place a shelter or hutch within the run to give your rabbit a cozy spot to rest or seek shelter. Ensure its well-ventilated and protected from the weather.
  7. Incorporate Tunnels and Hideouts: These additions provide mental stimulation and mimic their natural environment. Rabbits love exploring, so these additions will make the run more engaging.
  8. Include Toys and Enrichment: Enhance the playfulness of the run by adding toys and enrichment activities. Hanging toys or treat-filled puzzles keep your rabbit engaged and happy. If you’d like advice on the best treats to use, contact our East Molesey team who will be happy to help!

TOP TIP – Remember to supervise your rabbit while they are in their run to ensure they don’t try to burrow down and escape into the wilds of Surrey!

Building a rabbit run is a creative and enjoyable project; we’d love to see your masterpieces and hear your tips and tricks! Share your photos and experiences on our Facebook page and let’s create a community of happy, healthy bunnies enjoying their outdoor spaces to the fullest!

The safety and happiness of your rabbit are top priorities so if you have any concerns or need additional advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to Molesey Vets’ team. Happy hopping!

Share your rabbit run photos on our Facebook page

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